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LED Truck Lights

Aside from being stylish and décor-friendly, Otop LED Track lights are the best there is. We manufacture them using the highest quality of materials with a lot of focus on the design. That way, we guarantee that you won’t have to worry about changing your décor because of our awesome track lights.

LED track light TP-788
Surface Mounted Downlight ZT-810

Surface Downlight

Whether it’s an exhibition room, art gallery, a movie theatre, or even, at home, our surface downlights come with stunning designs and colors. That way they help to amplify your space’s style, feel and vibrancy. Basically, that’s almost everything you need to have a productive working environment.

Recessed Downlight

If you prefer a more subtle vibe, then you should consider using our Recessed Downlight LED fixtures. They are not only perfect for any kind of indoor décor but also provide a better alternative to other openly-visible types of lighting fixtures. These lights may look simple but they can have a lasting impression in your décor.

Recessed Downlight ZS25
LED spotlight R-R12B

LED Spotlights

Excellent designs, highly applicable, very efficient, and effective. These are just a few of the words that best describe OtopLED Spotlights. Aside from offering you great value for your money, our spotlights come in many different designs. Therefore, finding the right one for your space’s decor will be easy.

LED Linear Light

Yes! We also have LED linear lights. At Otop LED, we spare no expense when it comes to manufacturing high quality LED fixtures. That’s why our linear lights are a clear definition of performance, convenience, luxury, and chic designs. Not to mention, the fixtures come with a wide array of useful and applicable features.

LED Linear Light HL-15

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“I’ve been working with Otop LED commercial lighting manufacturer for years. And that’s mainly because they’ve never disappointed me. Their products are world-class; they offer great customer service; plus you can always count on them to deliver on time.”
Jason Stove


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