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Smart Commercial Lighting Translates to Smart Savings

At OtopLEDs, we are all about making life better and fun for you – our clients. And we achieve that by providing you with smart, convenient, efficient, and stunning LED lighting solutions.

We understand the impact that lighting can have on your workplace productivity, design, art, and comfort. That’s why we strive to manufacture the best and most efficient lighting fixtures on the planet.

Basically, our service and work track record says it all. We have thousands of happy clients from around the world whom we’ve been serving for many years.

OtopLED manufacturer takes pride in being at the forefront in manufacturing the best commercial LED light fixtures. All our fixtures bear the mark of quality and superior performance.

We believe in not only manufacturing LEDs but also in making sure our products offer you great value for your money.

Quality 90%
Reputation 93%
Price 88%

Would you like to learn more about our products or you have a question you need to ask? If so, get in touch with us right now. We’ll be more than happy to assist.

Long-Term Lighting Solutions

Yes! OtopLED fixtures are designed to last longer than other ordinary luminaries. Basically, all our products can give you over 50,000 hours of high-quality lighting. That’s more than 10 years of service. Great deal, don’t you think?

Global Reach

Regardless of where you are on planet earth, we can deliver our products to you in good shape and fast. How? Well, we use reputable and global shipping companies like DHL, UPS, and FedEx to ship our orders to any part of the world.

Over 10 Years’ Experience

OtopLED manufacturer has been in the industry for over a decade. That makes us one of the few most-qualified LED manufacturers in the world. Our experience in the industry allows us to manufacture better products with more features and convenience

Better and Cost-Efficient Lighting

We take pride in manufacturing products that not only offer perfect illumination but also save you money in the process. Yes! All our LED fixtures have been designed to use very little power to yield sufficient and evenly distributed illumination


Our Team Members


Yufei Chen


Sharp, charismatic, and always up-to-date with LED industry affairs. He’s a great team player and a valuable part of the team.


Sandy He

Sales & Marketing

Hardworking, thorough, and very friendly. She knows how to get the job done and works effectively even when under pressure.




A smart, diligent, innovative, kind-hearted, and strong team leader. He knows practically everything there is to know about LED lighting.

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Eco-Friendly Lighting for a Better Tomorrow

Otop LED manufacturer uses green materials to come up with safe and environmentally friendly products. That means that all our lights are eco-friendly and non-toxic. We believe that we can save our tomorrow by acting today. Don’t you?


Want to work with us?

How would you feel about being a part of the Otop LED manufacturer family? We’d love to have you here. In fact, we may be looking for someone with your specific skills, experience, and qualifications. Are you that person?

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Want to work with us?

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We are currently looking for the following positions:

  • Lead developer
  • Client manager
  • Marketing Specialist



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